Dear Friends, Fans, Family and Lovers-

   This spring, In One Wind will be hitting our four year mark as a band.  Exciting as it is to have been playing, traveling and recording together since 2009, we’re calling it quits after June 1st.  As sad as this is for us, it’s also very exciting that each individual in the band is moving forward towards reaching their next goals.  We feel deeply indebted to all of you who have helped us get by over the years.  Whether you offered us a bed or floor, a hot meal, support with our Kickstarter,  promotion and booking, or just coming out to the shows and giving some love;  it all means SO MUCH to us.
  As part farewell celebration and part gift of thanks, we’re going to be playing three final shows in NYC this spring.  Each show will be focusing on a specific period of the band:

May 10 at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
This first installment will feature all of our latest material including the full Lean EP.
May 16 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
This show will feature our first full length record, how bright a shadow! in its entirety.  One of our original members Lily Claire Nussbaum will be joining us to complete the outfit.
June 1 at Sycamore
The last installment will present to you most of our earliest material that most folks have never heard.  Going back to our quasi-acoustic roots, this show will also feature all six original members.  We’re very excited and nervous about this last show for these pieces haven’t seen the light of day in years.
We hope to see you at these final shows. 

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks to all of you.

Angelo and IOW

LEAN now available.

Lean is the new six song EP from Brooklyn-based quintet In One Wind - a concise musical statement that evokes the feeling of an intense gravitational see-saw. The selections on Lean are tied together by their shared narrative; the movement between each character attracted or repelled by one another. As songwriter Angelo Spagnolo puts it, “Leaning is bending toward, or resting upon, another body. There is a peculiar feeling to a body leaning because of the uncertainty of where it might find its place of rest. A lean can be caused by a desire for change, an interest in another, even a repulsion. It is a position of transformation from one point to another. It is a position of potential.” 

Throughout Lean, listeners will find themselves in the thick of classic stories by Brothers Grimm (“Golden Sphere" & "Little Brother, Little Sister”). A rewritten narrative based on the photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson becomes the spark for “Barrio.” The lives of Lawrence Weiner and Roy Lichtenstein were inspiration for the verbal sculptural song “Oh, Brad.” Reworked classic American folk song, “Drunkard,” and finally, a personal account of Spagnolo’s (“All Day, All Night”), are two ballads that round out the aesthetic and intention of the album. 

This collection of material is strung together by the common thread of leaning. Each character finds themselves in a state of potential: some leaning towards each other, some leaning away, some having third parties keeping them from meeting. In this particular catalogue of songs, none of the characters achieve their desired resting place of connection, but remain in a seemingly eternal lean of separation from one another. 

The idea of Lean is also a nod to the ethos of the album’s recording process. The band went into the studio with the intention of capturing this collection as they had been performing it on tour between November 2011 & April 2012. The resultant recording is sparser and leaner than the band’s debut How Bright a Shadow!, with the vocals, as well as the live interplay of the instrumentals, coming to the forefront.


released 10 July 2012 
Mallory Glaser - voice, synthesizer 
Max Jaffe - drumset, voice 
Steven Lugerner - clarinet, bass clarinet 
Rob Lundberg - double bass, electric bass, voice 
Angelo Spagnolo - voice, guitar

filmed by Matt Day (of in Winooski, Vermont. Both “Oh Brad" & "All Day, All Night" are singles featured on our new album Lean. 


In One Wind - Oh, Brad

There was something that Arthur Russell used to do, this kind of drone rhythm produced by classical instruments like oboes and french horns. Here a bunch of self-professed Brooklyn music nerds, vocalist/guitarist Angelo Spagnolo, vocalist/keyboardist Mallory Glaser, bassist Robert Lundberg, multi-reedist Steven Lugerner, and drummer Max Jaffe draft of his vibe to gorgeous affect.

Look for this on the band’s upcoming Lean LP due out July 10th on Primary Records. They’ll be going out on tour this summer with YVYNYL fave + Hometapes’ Leverage Models.

How Bright a Remix! weekly releases


There have been hints and glimmers here and there of these remixes that folks have been cooking up for us.  We asked a wide range of musical friends and associates to contribute, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  So we’ve decided to share them with you for free, but gradually, as not to inundate you.

Every Thursday for the next 12 weeks we’ll be posting a new remix on bandcamp.  This week we lead off with a remix of ‘Westering’ by The Forms:


Rob & IOW


Our good friend Michael Davis showed us this wonderful BBQ place 12 Bones.  Asheville’s finest for sure! We took the day to hit all the hot spots in Asheville is it was a WONDERFULLY beautiful day. Thanks Mike for showing us around!

eatin’ up a STORM!

Anybody else reading Swamp Thing by Alan Moore?


Nothing better than a game of Cornhole on a sunny afternoon in Asheville. This must be the place where New Yorkers move when they realize that days can be warm and leisurely and full of BBQ.

Max and Bob. (Moog Factory)

Finally, we arrived at the majestic M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i River.  Definitely one of the highlights of our trip so far.

Mallory plays with a dead fish.  Typical Malllorryy.

You always know it’s a golden moment when Angelo takes his shirt off. Don’t know what the hell Rob was trying to do here, but a funny none the less. We had just spent a total of 8 hours in the car, so this is proof of our aloofness…

After the show we started the drive to Chicago. After driving for three hours, we made a pit-stop in Cairo, Illinois to catch some Zzzzs at the local Days Inn. When we woke up, we found an abandoned restaurant next door. 

How “indie” of us. 

Even more…

We arrive in Chicago and are welcomed by our good friends from Treehouse. ( They have a great new record out… check that shit. 

We headed back to the Chicago Music Exchange (if you remember last year, we spent a little too much $$ here.) But for real though.  This guitar is coming soon.

Arrived in Lafayette, Indiana!  Max is excited (to be out of the van).

Soundchecking at The Black Sparrow.  This place is wonderful.  Hospitality 5 Stars.  Thanks Paul and the rest of the crew!

Max and Angelo got trimmed up by the wonderful Katie the Barber.  This place is right next door.  Such a great spot. 

This photo was found in the living quarters of Black Sparrow.  They have boxes of amazing portraits from an abandoned photography shop. Awesome.

In One Wind, on the move! 

Soundcheck at Hi-Tone in Memphis.



Raleigh —-> Greensboro (NORTH CAROLINA!)

Greetings from sunny Asheville, North Carolina! We made it here last night after our Easter Sunday gig in Greensboro, NC at The Green Bean. We are super lucky to be staying with our good friends Michael and Matt Davis - in their lovely Asheville home. I had the pleasure of playing with Mike for a number of years while he was still living in New York City - he was even the drummer on my septet record that I released last year! But let me back up, much as happened in just the first few days of tour!

Our first gig to kick off the tour was at Deep South in Raleigh, North Carolina. We opened up the night to a small crowd and proceeded with (what I thought was) a great performance. Though the crowd wasn’t terribly large because of the Easter weekend, I personally felt like this first show set a great tone to start the tour. Since deciding that In One Wind will now be a 5-piece (myself, Angelo, Rob, Max & Mallory), the music and vibe between us as friends and bandmates has really blossomed. 

(soundchecking @ Deep South)

Mallory, Max and myself are all California kids. Rob is from Milwaukee and Angelo is from Pittsburgh, so our connections to people down south are few and far between. We had anticipated that we would need to get a motel room for the night, but thought that we should probably ask around to see if anyone had some floor space or couches for us to crash on. Then we stumbled up THIS!

This turned out to be much better than Motel 6 - and what a special Easter gift. Katie and Adam (who actually performed after IOW at Deep South) graciously housed us for the night. We all slept in super comfortable beds in this huge mansion that seemed to have bedroom after bedroom. I think I got lost a couple of times in that house… And we even got to share in their early morning Easter festivities. It’s people like Katie and Adam that make touring such a wonderful experience. Thank you guys again!

Then we went into the woods for a band meeting!

Greensboro, NC!

(add your own caption)

Max recently added a new percussive toy to his drumset. We now have a band mascot - killin’ two birds with one stone! 

Mallory and I enjoying the North Carolina sunset before our gig at The Green Bean. Great bonding moments!

Tonight we are at Jack of the Woods in Asheville and tomorrow we’ll make a 9 hour trek over to Memphis! More to come later!

-Steven & IOW

Max is using a double-pedal tonight. We think he should do this EVERY night. You agree, don’t you?

Max is using a double-pedal tonight. We think he should do this EVERY night. You agree, don’t you?

First stop, Raleigh NORTH CAROLINA!

First stop, Raleigh NORTH CAROLINA!

Angelo just woke up. LIGHTS OUT (courtesy of JetBlue)

Angelo just woke up. LIGHTS OUT (courtesy of JetBlue)

MOSER! Stop that!

MOSER! Stop that!

Chris The Van, Cinnamon Buns for Bob, and the Recycle Logo

We’ve come out of our winter hibernation to tell you some stories!  Sure, this winter was a famously mild one, but hibernation is necessary sometimes, regardless of the temperature.  As you might have read below, we’ve gone through some very significant changes since our last travelblog post, all the way from the fall of ‘11.  One of those changes was the acquisition of a new set of wheels!  A real beauty, she remains unnamed at the moment.  We intend on putting this vehicle to good use, and we’ve just returned from her first trip out into the world beyond McHattan…

Freestar, circa 2007, a manufacturer might refer to her shade as “Sapphire”.  The legacy of Henry Ford lives on through our travels.  We will conveniently ignore the fact that Ford was vigorously anti-Semetic (read the wikipedia article on Henry Ford, the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf) and instead focus on what his most significant contribution, the assembly line and the resultant vehicles that have been carrying people to and fro in style and speed, did for a band named In One Wind.  You see, despite what conventional news media would lead you to believe, things are not black or white, red or blue, left or right, but always some shade in between.  And what is most important about the man named Ford is not his private views on society and religion, but his vision of horseless carriages that the everyman could afford.  Or the everyband.  Like, seriously, every band.  We can proudly add our name to that list now, the list of musicians who have pooled their resources to make transportation and live-action dissemination of their music a priority.  We inadvertently add our name to many other less attractive lists (think Big Oil), but you’d be hard-pressed to avoid these other distinctions if you want to do anything involving money, which is a lot of stuff.

Doritos, Fritos, or Cheetos

{doritos, fritos, or cheetos-MF}

But I digress.  Point is, we got a van now!  And we’ve already put it to good use.  Our first trip took us to two very idyllic Nor’eastern locales: Portland, ME and Bennington, VT.  Now, I’ll admit, I was asleep for most of the trip to Portland, so many details of the first drive Chris took with all of In One Wind inside are not for me to report.  I do remember that I woke up long enough to hear some music, ask what it is, hear the reply “The National”, acknowledge that this was the first time I’d be hearing their music, and then fall back asleep minutes later (sorry, fans of The National).  As we eventually crossed the border into Maine and my napping ceased, I felt distinct excitement as this was my first time within the state’s borders.  This was also a chance to see a new Welcome sign, which, through much time spent on the road, has become of particular interest to me.  Maine’s reads: “Welcome to MAINE-The Way Life Should Be”.  Wow.  Now that’s a fucking sign!  And boastful though it may seem, less than 24 hours spent in the state led me to believe that perhaps they’re just tellin’ it like it is.  The show we played was warm and fuzzy (Cuddle Magic’s fault-they’re too damn good), new friends were in abundance (big ups to Henry and Peter of Milkman’s Union for being more than just gracious guys with good taste and better senses of humor, but for playing great music to boot), the delicious sea air was nearly intoxicating (to me, at least.  Rob doesn’t like seafood though, and on our walk around town before the show, I leaned over the docks to take big deep breaths while he probably choked back little bits of vomit), and the following morning’s obligatory diner visit was, in a word, perfect (the decor, the food, the staff, the patrons, the name [Steve and Renee’s Diner] the cartoons in the menu, the fact that their cinnamon buns are dedicated to beloved ‘Cousin Bob’-the way A DINER should be).  I LOVE MAINE.

{how could you not love this ^^ place?}


But you know what I love more than Maine?  VERMONT (Sorry Maine.  We need to get to know each other better I suppose. IOW’s been to Vermont twice in a little over a month now, so we’ve gotten to experience a little more of what her borders contain.  So, you know, It’s not you, it’s us.  We’ll be back in the summer though…).  Not only does the state have an abundance of wilderness with seriously quaint towns interspersed, but they also boast a nearly libertarian-leaning populace and history of radicalism.  Their welcome sign says it all.  It’s smaller than a sign telling you about a littering fine, and it simply states “Welcome to Vermont-The Green Mountain State” against the silhouette of those very mountains.  And is there a more exciting sight from a car window than a “Moose Xing” sign?  But enough about signs-this was a show to remember, perhaps one of the group’s best to date.  Camaraderie was high after the previous night, and that clearly extended to the audience.  Everyone in the room was a big happy family for the night, and I think all of IOW has a special place in our collective heart for Bennington College.  There’s something very unique about this place, different from other schools we’ve played at in the past.  For one, all kinds of legendary artists were or are on their faculty, either full time or visiting (Martha Graham, John Cage, Milford Graves, Bill Dixon, and that’s just in the performing arts!).  Then, there’s the location.  Tucked away on a hillside, it didn’t take long for us to find ourselves in stargazing country.  Clearly it takes a open and engaged mind to want to attend this school, and this was such a joyous audience to play for (and with! A shout out is definitely deserved for Gregory Obis, who I saw air-drumming along, and Jo-Anne Hyun for making this night possible).  

{Bennington pre-show push-up-holding competiton between Mal and Max}

Chris The Van was a long time coming.  A much belabored decision.  We are thoughtful folk, and the many ramifications of car ownership were tossed over in our brains for, quite literally, years.  However, trips like this one help put everything in context.  There’s always going to be a reason not to do something.  But then sometimes the reason to do it smacks you right in the face.  Oh right!  Playing shows!  For many people in many far flung places!  As often as possible!  Hence our two week tour coming up, where IOW will be visiting even more states for the first time, including North Carolina and Tennesee!  And of course, look out MIDWEST.  Comin’ back atcha real soon…

Much love,
Max & IOW

an overdue announcement!


Forgive us for our lack of correspondence! Things have been quite hectic in the In One Wind realm. Lots of rehearsing, recording and touring since the beginning of the year - progress that we are all very excited about. 

We are however very sad to announce the official departure of Samantha Rise Roberson from In One Wind. After many months of long commutes from Philadelphia to Brooklyn combined with limited rehearsal and performance time, we collectively decided that having a member who lives in a different city is ultimately unsustainable for us. We’re all a little somber, and missing each other, but in the end we all feel this is the best decision. In One Wind has been able to rehearse and perform new material more often, and Sam can have some relief from the 3 or 4 hour treks that she so graciously did every couple of weeks. Sam, we deeply appreciate your time and commitment to our music and our vision - you have all of our respect and certainly my admiration. 

Much love,
Mallory and IOW